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Fall In love with your community

Fall In Love With Your Community Workbook is a tool for transforming our conversations, and for propelling us forward into a new future, a future packed with possibilities, vision, alignment, personal responsibility and leadership.

Transform negative conversations into appreciation for where you live

How can we reach for peace and sustainability if we can’t get along and enjoy what we have in front of us every day in our own communities?

Take action in your community

There has been a surge in the desire for people to connect with their communities in a more intimate way.

Make your community a better place

Get involved! This workbook can help.

You can make a difference

Along with neighborhood residents, various municipal and non-profit service agencies, other beneficiaries include property owners, developers, realtors, businesses, chambers of commerce, places of worship, and community organizations.

What you’ll find in this Workbook:

• Tools to help transform negative conversations into positive interactions.

• Ideas that will assist you or your community-based organization to become a catalyst for a better future.

• Ways to feel safer, more connected, better sustained and more whole, right in “your own backyard.”

• A new vision of what is around you.

• Enhanced awareness of initiatives that your neighbors are creating.

• A renewed sense of connectedness with the history and geography of your neighborhood, town, city, community, state.

• A resource for helping to make a difference.